How Does it Work - A Nanny Cam for the Elderly



The Camera plugs into your broadband router and can be viewed and controlled from any computer using the internet explorer browser*. Your camera will be password protected, providing you a secure means of image access. Caring Eye can help you setup your desktop and browser to create a convenient interface.



Traditional surveillance Cam System

In a traditional surveillance system, cameras are connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which controls the cameras and records images. This is an expensive part of the the system and provides features necessary for security surveillance but not required when just monitoring a loved one. It is also the single point of failure in the system and can be expensive to replace or repair..

Our version of the nanny cam, the Elder Cam  system

Caring Eye’s Elder Cam approach is much simpler and more affordable. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is removed from the system. You access the cameras directly and separately over the internet, each with its own user name, password and internet address. The weakest link is no longer an expensive DVR, but an inexpensive consumer grade network router.

Elderly Parent viewed thru our Elder Cam


An actual image viewed through a camera installed by Caring Eye.

Similar to a Nanny Cam, our system specializes on giving you peace of mind about your aging parents but also works as a cam for childern or pets.



"Infants and children are not the only reason to use a "nanny cam". Many people are taking care of aging parents and ill loved ones." Remotely Monitoring Your Home, by Emerson Swanson Read the Entire Article