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As long as there’s private information stored on or transmitted by your computer, there will be cyberthiefs.

These crooks will use trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, malware and whatever sort of junkware they can get a hold of to make more money selling away your privacy.

Unlike many of our "Big Box" competitors, we make every attempt to remove the virus without reformatting your system.

 If you have questions or you aren’t sure if a virus is what’s causing your problem feel free to contact us.

One of our most frequently asked questions after we finish a virus removal is: “How did I get this virus?!”

It takes quite a bit of research to find a conclusive answer but below is a list of likely events that led to an infection:

  • Email from a friend with an “alleged” attachment. These aren’t actual attachments (they’d quickly be flagged by the server) they’re just simple links to the attachment. When you click it, you are directed to the cyberattack and your computer’s survival will depend on your computer’s security settings.
  • Random plug-ins needed to gain access to content. You’re browsing a site and a pop-up comes up asking you to install some plug-in or allow some operation. We are not saying you shouldn’t install plugins, but are suggesting that you know very well the company who built it (think Microsoft, Apple, Sun, IBM, Mozilla, Google, RIM, Intuit, etc.).
  • Hijacked websites. Sometimes one of your favorite websites will become hijacked and will start spreading viruses to their visitors.
  • Infected attachments – PDF’s, word documents, spreadsheets and other file types are all susceptible to their own exploits. Keeping the software you use to open attachments up to date is just one step you can take to ensuring your computer doesn’t become compromised.
  • Infected CD’s or USB drives – Most media that plugs into your computer has an “autoplay” feature which allows your computer to automatically do X if Y gets plugged in. This allows viruses to spread by executing their code when the media is plugged in. Most antivirus software will automatically scan external media.

We provide computer virus removal services on laptops, netbooks, servers and desktop computers both at your home or business or at our office.