one call away fom solving your computer problem

by Paul Vaccarelli

Technical terms are frequently used without much explanation. I will define a few of them for you here.

If you have a slow computer, a technician may diagnose the problem as your PC not having enough memory. Many people confuse RAM memory with disk space. RAM (Random Access Memory) is what the computer uses when it is performing a task. Your hard drive simply stores data. The computer pulls programs and data off the hard drive and into RAM where it is processed. When there isn’t enough RAM, the computer begins to use the hard drive as RAM. The hard drive is much slower then RAM in reading and writing data.

You hear a lot of talk about new cell phones being 4G instead of 3G. What does this mean? 4G and 3G refer to 4th generation and 3rd generation. With a 3G phone you use the same cellular network for your voice communications and your data communications, like internet access and email. With 4G, the cellular provider has 2 networks; one for voice, and one for data. A 4G phone can access both, thus using dedicated networks for the type of communication they need to do.

What is Cloud Computing? The Cloud is a nickname for the internet. Cloud computing is a relatively new concept where application programs, like accounting or engineering applications, are not running on your PC. They are running on a computer you are accessing through the internet. Your computer acts like a window to the main server running the application. This way, your computer is not bogged down with running the program. If your computer fails, your program is accessible with any other computer that has access to the internet. Backing up your data would no longer be necessary. It is not hard to visualize the current PC configuration becoming obsolete, and your computing tasks begin done through a tablet device or even your phone.

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