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by Paul Vaccarelli

You have all seen the commercials for Macintosh computers where they depict PC’s as slow and outdated. I am often asked which brand of home computer is better. The truth of the matter is that as far as hardware is concerned, there is virtually no difference. Macintosh hard drives can fail just like a PC’s. In fact, they are the same except for the way they are formatted. The main differences between the two computers are the underlying operating system and the user interface.

Macintosh computers have a more user friendly interface that is very easy to learn, even for a PC user. Maneuvering is different enough to be confusing, but it is easy to adapt.  However, with the advent of Windows 7, PC’s are a lot easier to work with and to install. In addition, Windows 7 boots a lot quicker and is a lot more stable than Vista was.

The reason PC’s seem more prone to viruses is because the people who write them do so for the most popular computers, which are Microsoft based.  Macs will have their turn once they capture more of the market.

When deciding between the two, a good rule of thumb is if you will use the computer to surf the web and do multimedia functions such as photo editing, music recording, or film production, a Mac is a good choice. If you will use the computer for business purposes such as accounting or engineering, a PC is a better choice. Another thing to consider is Mac users always say how much they love their computer.  Microsoft users almost never say that.

However, expect to pay almost twice as much for a Mac as you would for a comparable PC.  If they do break down, repairs are more expensive as well.

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