one call away fom solving your computer problem

by Paul Vaccarelli

The main concern any computer user has when their computer crashes is whether their data is lost. Data and programs are stored on the computer’s hard drive and it is the only main computer component with moving parts.

However, a computer malfunction does not always involve the hard drive and data can be recovered and relocated onto a different computer. PC-911 utilizes special adaptors that can attach a stand-alone hard drive to any computer via its USB port. Or, if more desirable, we can install the hard drive from your old computer into a new one, where it will become an auxiliary storage device with your old data readily available.

If your hard drive does malfunction and it does not operate at all, there is still hope for you data. PC-911 partners with DataTech Labs.

DataTech Labs has the resources to dismantle and retrieve the storage mechanisms of the hard drive. Using special software and techniques, data can be reconstructed and restored.