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"PC-911 is truly “no geeks”. 

They are responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, and cost-effective. You will be told whether there is hope for your computer or if it is time to replace it.
I not only use PC-911 for my business, but also have referred them highly to many of my clients."

- Kellogg Executive Suites, Denver Colorado

Home Computer Service - We Come To You!

Whether you’re a home computer user with a few networking issues or just a slow computer we can help you take control of your technology, minimizing downtime and frustration.

We continually update our technical skill set to ensure that you receive top notch computer support, computer repair and technology consulting services.

Wireless Networks and Hot Spots

Wifi is great. Roam around your home with your laptop ready to browse the entire web without any wires. Problem is most Wifi networks are either unsecure or difficult to setup. We have experience securing your home networks. We can also help with other devices such as printers and a variety of home entertainment devices.

Security and Firewalls

Is your network safe? Do you have a good firewall? Don’t know what we’re talking about? If you’re connected to the internet at all, you need to make sure your defenses are up – because your computer is being assaulted constantly.

Software and Hardware Networking

Sharing files/databases/printer or programs across your network can sometimes be frustrating. Whether you need a hand with your Accounting program, sharing a printer to work on both your Mac and PC or you just want a folder that everyone can use simultaneously: we can help.

Backup Systems

Do you have a backup? Are you sure? Many of our new customers thought they had backups but didn't. Even if you do have a backup system in place: do you know how to recover your files? It can be devastating to lose those precious digital pictures, music and videos.  To make sure this never happens to you – we’ll set you up with a comprehensive (yet automated) backup system. So if anything happens to that computer, you’ll get your files back in no time.

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Our Services


  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Installation and set up of internet and e-mail accounts
  • Installation of internet security and antivirus software
  • Installation and configuration of new PC or relocated PC
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Installation of new or replacement cards into PC
  • Add a device to existing network including printers, scanners, cameras etc
  • Software Install and Setup


  • Setting up backup procedures to keep data secure & archiving old data
  • Removal of viruses & spyware
  • Using tools to clean up hard disks & improve PC speed
  • Rebuilding of corrupt systems after rescuing data
  • Printer Help
  • Microsoft Office Troubleshooting
  • Internet / Network Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Network / Internet Security
  • Email Troubleshooting