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IT Support For Your Business

PC-911 has been a reputable provider of IT solutions to small and medium sized Colorado businesses for more than 8 years. We continually update our technical skill-set to ensure that you receive top notch IT support, computer repair and technology consulting services.

Whether you’re a small business with just a handful of desktops or a small enterprise with hundreds of workstations and dozens of servers we can help you take control of your technology, minimizing downtime and removing the need for in-house IT staff.

Security and Firewalls

Is your network safe? Do you have a good firewall?  If you’re connected to the internet at all, you need to make sure your defenses are up – because your computer is being assaulted constantly.

Software and Hardware Networking

Sharing files/databases/printer or programs across your business network can sometimes be frustrating. Whether you need a hand with your Accounting program, sharing a printer to work on both your Mac and PC or you just want a folder that everyone can use simultaneously: we can help.

Backup Systems

Many of our new business customers thought they had backups but didn’t. Even if you do have a backup system in place: do you know how to recover your files? It can also be a catastrophe for businesses to lose their data. To make sure this never happens to you – we’ll set you up with a comprehensive (yet automated) backup system. So if anything happens to that computer, you’ll get your files back in no time.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Accessing your network remotely shouldn't compromise your network’s security. Let us setup your business with a VPN so you can access your entire network remotely.